About Us

Our brand MyRebornBaby has a long history of making beautiful reborn babies. We were one the first pioneers in this field, thanks to our dedicated team who are crafting new gorgeous dolls every day.

Our dolls are made with love to all those who lost their infants and wish to have a little new one or anyone who wishes to keep a little new reborn baby.

Our dolls are made using the best and safest silicone materials in the market. These kinds of materials make the dolls more natural so the customer will feel like hugging a real baby. Our team uses blood vessels and skin in order to make them look like a real child. We want them to feel like hugging real children.

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team will make you feel at home when buying any of our dolls. Our goal is not to make money as much as making our customers happy when buying from us. We will help you build your own doll collection but also provide a high-quality doll that you will love and will last for so long.

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Thank you for trusting us!

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